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  Piping & Pipeline Design & Detailed Engineering:  

Based on the basic design package, detailed engineering activities are carried out for developing documents and drawings in piping and pipeline department.

The deliverables are aimed at arriving optimum quantities / work-volumes while ensuring constructability, operability, maintainability and safety of the plant.

  • Preparation of Purchase Specifications for bought out items.
  • Performance of Design Calculations and preparation of Detailed Fabrication & Erection Drawings.
  • Preparation of Fabrication & Erection Technical Specifications.
  • Arrangement of all the components related to Piping.
  • Preparation of Bill of quantities at 3 stages such as Preliminary, Intermediate and Final.
  • Technical Bid Evaluation for bought out components.
  • Vendor Drawings review and approval.
  • Attending to Site queries.
  Pipeline Feasibility Study  
  Piping & Pipeline Pre- Bid (Tender) Engineering  
  Piping & Pipeline Design & Detailed Engineering  
  Piping As Built Engineering  
  Design Validation  
  Failure Analysis  
  Piping & Pipeline Design Training  
  ManPower Deputation  
Piping & Pipeline Design Activities Performed

  General Features of Piping & Pipelines
  • Above Ground Piping & Pipelines
  • Buried Piping & Pipelines
  • Yard/ Pipe rack/ Trench routed Piping
  • Plant Piping
  • City/ Township Piping Distribution Network
  • Off-Sites & Storage Tank Piping
  • Cross Country Pipelines – On shore
  • Bare Piping & Pipelines
  • Insulated/ Coated & Wrapped Piping & Pipelines
  • Jacketed Piping
  • Metallic Piping & Pipelines (MS, CS, AS, SS, Etc.)
  • Non-Metallic Piping & Pipelines (FRP, HDPE, Etc.)
  • Composite Piping & Pipelines (Concrete Lined (Internal & External), PE Coated, Rubber Lined, Etc
  • Fluid Services Handled:
       - Water (Raw, Waste, Effluent,      Cooling, Chilled, Etc.)
       - Steam (LP, MP, HP)
       - Coke Oven Gas
       - Blast Furnace Gas
       - Oil (Crude, HSD, Diesel, Kerosene,      Petrol, Etc.)
       - Natural Gas
       - Petrochemicals
       - All Hydrocarbon Fluids
       - Solid Liquid Slurries (Sand, Ash      Water, Etc.)
       - Solid Gas Slurries (Pneumatic           Conveying of Coal Particles, etc.)
       - Two Phase (Liquid & Gas)
  General Piping Engineering
  • Piping & pipeline Design Criteria (Design Criteia)
  • Pipe & Pipeline Sizing Calculation
  • Pressure Drop Calculation
  • Pipe Network Modeling & Analysis
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Piping & Pipeline Fabrication & Erection Specification
  • Technical Bid Evaluation
  • Review of Vendor Drawings/ Documents.
  • Review of Other department’s Deliveries with respect to interface of Piping & Pipeline Scope
  Pipe Support Engineering
  • Pipe Support Planning and Location Layout Drawings.
  • Pipe Support Design Calculation.
  • Special Support Design using: STAADPRO/ Manual Methods
  • Pipe Support Fabrication Detail Drawings.
  • Pipe Support Bill of Materials.
  Layout Engineering
  • Plot Plan
  • Conceptual Pipe Routing
  • Equipment Layout (Plan & Section)
  • Piping Layout (Plan & Sections)
  • Pipeline Route Survey Assistance
  • Alignment Sheets (Cross Country Pipelines)
  • Piping Isometrics (Plant & Valve Station)
  • Equipment Nozzle Orientation Plan
  • Software used: (AutoCAD, Micro station, Etc.)
  Dynamic Analysis
  • Software used: KYPIPE, PIPENET
  • Fluid Type: Non-Compressible (Liquids such as Water, Petroleum, Etc)/ Compressible (Gases such as Steam, Natural Gas, Etc)
  • Type: Modal/ Harmonic/ Response Spectrum/ Time History
  • Analysis Examples: Water Hammer/ Steam Hammer / Surge Analysis/ Vibration Analysis & Mitigation Studies/ Dynamic Effects due to Safety Relief Valve Pop up studies and control/ Dynamic Seismic Analysis.
  • Pressurized Piping/ Pipeline System.
  • Gravity Flow Piping/ Pipeline System (Example: Water Supply from an Overhead tank to township, From a Reservoir (located uphill) to tank (located downhill))
  • Plant Piping Network
  • Hydraulic/ Network Analysis of Fire Water Systems (Spray/ Sprinkler, While Jockey Pump Operation)
  • Pulsation Analysis (Reciprocating Compressor/ Pump System)
  • Cooling Water System
  • Water Injection System Studies
  Materials Engineering
  • Pipe Wall & Pipeline Wall Thickness & Branch Reinforcement Calculation
  • Piping & Pipeline Material Specification
  • Procurement Specification for: Pipes, Line Pipe, Fittings, Induction bends, Fasteners, Gaskets, Valves & Other Accessories (Strainers, Spring Hangers, Expansion Bellows, Sight Glass, Etc.)
  • Procurement Specification for Insulation
  • Procurement Specification for Painting
  • Procurement Specification for Coating & Wrapping
  • Piping & Pipeline Bill of Materials
  • Pipe Support Bill of Materials
  • Specialties B.O.M
  Stress Analysis
  • Software used: CAESAR II
  • General Activities Performed:
    . Preparation of Stress Critical Line List,    Stress Critical P & ID mark-up & System    Break-up.
    . Planning & monitoring activities - Man-hour    estimates, Work & Project Schedules, Time    sheets.
    . Calculation of UDL and Anchor point on    Pipe rack
    . Coordinate pipe stress related issues with    the Piping Lead Engineer / Piping    Designers and other engineering    disciplines as required.
    . Review of pipe stress analysis performed    by third parties & Check piping isometric    supporting data.
    . Ensure overall quality of the piping design     by performing regular model reviews.
    . Prepare stress calculation notes/ Reports    for authority approvals.
    . Prepare Technical Specifications, Data    Sheets, Requisitions and Technical Bid    Tabulations for the purchase of spring    supports, sliding plates, expansion joints    and struts.
  • Loads: Weight, Pressure, temperature, Spring Tension, Displacement (Due to Temperature, Building Settlement, Support Movement, Safety Relief Valve Reaction, Cold Spring, Wind, Seismic, Hydro-test, Sea Waves, Slug Force, Flow Induced vibrations, Vibrations transferred from connected rotating equipments, Two- phase flow problems, cavitations problems, Etc.
  • Other Special Analysis:
    - Jacketed Piping
    - Buried Piping
    - FRP/ GRP/ RTR Piping,
    - WRC 107/ 297
    - Equipment Modeling
    - consideration of Nozzle Flexibilities
    - Flange Leakage Analysis
    - Remaining life of corroded Piping as per    ASME B31G
    - Steam Turbine Exhaust duct Analysis    (Leading to Air fin-fan coolers, Etc)
    - Trunnion Checking
    - Fatigue Analysis, Etc.
  • Special Calculations: Equipment Nozzle allowable Load calculation, Pipe Support Span Calculation, Equipment Nozzle Displacement Calculation (Thermal Growth, Storage Tank Bulging due to liquid weight, Etc.), Etc.
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